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Our customer service is based on professionalism and quality. We will help you make the dream of becoming a homeowner into reality by offering you our experience in the real estate business. Whether it's your first time purchaise or if you are interested to sell your property, we have what it takes to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you and with a presentation of a wide range of services provided to cover all your needs in every aspect of the process.




Woodworking is one of the oldest human activities, which is why each culture and region has different ways and tools to work this material.
The person who works in the carpentry trade is the carpenter. His work consists of cutting, molding, and manufacturing pieces of wood for the construction of houses.
Such as interior doors, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, home furniture, etc.




Plumbing is the activity related to the installation and maintenance of pipe networks for the supply of drinking water and wastewater evacuation, as well as heating installations in buildings and other constructions.




At Lotus we have the best professionals in the electricity service.
We carry out all kinds of electrical installations in homes, industrial buildings, commercial premises, mounting of solar panels, etc. Our qualified engineers for the certification of bulletins of any type of installation.



Aluminum (Glass Curtains)


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