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Our customer service is based on professionalism and quality. We will help you make the dream of becoming a homeowner into reality by offering you our experience in the real estate business. Whether it's your first time purchaise or if you are interested to sell your property, we have what it takes to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you and with a presentation of a wide range of services provided to cover all your needs in every aspect of the process.

Whether you are an investor, a buyer making the purchase of a lifetime or a seller and need a secure way and partner that can assist you, we have the service according to your every need.

Once you've found your dream home, we here at Lotus Properties will assist you through the purchase process within our years of expertise to provide the most efficient and safest property investment.

Down payment  

Ensures you that the selected residence will be in consideration of a traded and that the payment agreement transfer will distribute proses per case will e be the following:  

-in case of the seller being a private person, the down payment will be € 5,000

-in the case of the seller being a construction company, the amount of the down payment varies (usually € 3,000-10.000) and will be paid directly to the building corporations account. 


The Perches-services  

(NIE-. Tax Representative, Electricity & Water Contract, Spanish Bank Account Number. Autogiro etc.)  


Spanish brokers act in the traditional trade method by law in Spain. After the broker has brought forward the access to deal, there are none of the legal duties to provide further in the emaining parties will then proceed the following steps themselves onwards. 

However, here at Lotus Properties, we contribute more to our services due to our companionship with our fellow customers - that may not yet develop the conveyed knowledge and perhaps the linguistic and cultural experience needed to deal with advanced legal and administrative purposes. 

Therefor Lotus Properties developed the following service to make the transaction as smooth as possible for our clients we call it:

After sale service 

We offer our guidance and knowledge to the best to provide help even after the purchase itself to simplify the ownership and care of your home as long as you need this and has present the following example: 


Many times you do not have the opportunity or the desire to put down your first semesters to find  suitable furniture, appliances or maintenance and maintenance such as rentals, TV & broadband etc. we help via our networks and recommended partners, ensuring that you get the help and service you need. 


We here at Lotus Properties warmly welcome you again to this magnificent place in the sun and thank you for your confidence in us. 

Let us guide you to your dream home and wish you and your beloved to share this new adventure with joy and great memories. 


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