The Torrevieja port project.

1st February 2024
The Torrevieja port project.

The project has a global execution budget of more than 19 million euros, of which 10.5 million are from private investment, while the rest, more than 8 million, come from the Torrevieja City Council.

A project that will convert the port area into a new public, commercial and leisure space that will connect the city with the port through an elevated promenade offering the population, visitors and tourists exceptional viewpoints to enjoy the maritime landscape offered by the town.

The action will be carried out on a large strip of land belonging to the Ports of the Generalitat Valenciana and aims to end the barrier that has currently become between the city and the sea, whose use has been reduced to a transit area and vehicle parking for the adjoining facilities located on the pier.

This concession area, which is going to be carried out by the company Empresas del Sol, is going to redevelop a space of 40,800 m2, generating an economic engine of great importance not only locally, but also regionally, provincially and regionally. With an area of nearly 18,000 square metres, the new leisure center will have six buildings built on two floors, each one of them, and a ground floor for underground parking for a total of 600 vehicles. The buildings have viewpoints and small public meeting spaces, with a diaphanous ground floor, equipped with some small commercial and restaurant premises, thus freeing up the public space for the population to stroll and enjoy.

Access is planned through two large ramps that start, one from the eastern part of the port, generating a set of elevated pedestrian paths next to the pre-existing Paseo del Dique de Levante and another from the western part of the port, near Paseo Vistalegre.

The main uses of the leisure area, located on the first floor, are cinema, bowling and recreational. Activities aimed at all kinds of people for group enjoyment, with friends or family.


The mayor of Torrevieja highlighted in his speech that thanks to the joint work of two public administrations - Generalitat Valenciana and Torrevieja City Council - they have been able to specify the needs for renovation of the port space and join forces in favor of a common interest.

But in addition, it has been carried out in an exemplary manner, with a public-private collaboration project that, through an administrative concession, will allow the implementation of a leisure area in the epicenter of the city of Torrevieja.

Eduardo Dolón indicated that the City Council of Torrevieja is also going to be an active part in the redevelopment of the port area. Thus, with an initially planned investment of more than 8 million euros, the rest of the port area will be redeveloped, from the façade of the current existing buildings, to the new road that will run through the center of the port and which will will replace the existing one. In this way, a continuous esplanade, without traffic in the middle, of 49,000 m2 will be gained for the public space and the citizen's enjoyment.

This space is characterized by a multipurpose pedestrian area that will allow the traditional fair to be perfectly integrated into the planned space. With a renewed appearance, respecting the existing masses of trees on the Paseo de la Libertad, and even expanding these green areas. Complementing everything with a bike lane that highlights the commitment to alternative modes of mobility.

The Torrevieja port project, with a budget of over 19 million euros, will regenerate the fishing area and link the city with its port

Likewise, this esplanade will allow hosting other possible events already known, such as our May Fair -recognized as being of regional tourist interest-, or any other event such as open-air concerts, exhibition fairs, etc.

In addition, the existing road on Avenida de la Libertad disappears, converting all that space into a platform for pedestrian use -with the effect of enabling some space for service and emergency vehicles-, where the stalls of the merchants will be located (known as popularly known as "the hippies"), with a totally renewed and modern image.

All traffic on Avenida de la Libertad will be directed both by the central road of the port, as well as a new connection with Rambla Juan Mateo street, whose link will be articulated through a roundabout that will be located at the entrance of the port. In order to delimit this space, a solution has been chosen that contemplates the demolition of the current Captaincy buildings and Ports of the Generalitat facilities, maintaining only the central Customs building.

The new public transport interchange will be located on the same site, in a clear commitment to promoting sustainable mobility.

It should be noted that the floating museums will be located on the edge of the dock in front of the new buildings, to complete and complement the leisure and cultural offer.

Finally, the action of the Torrevieja City Council is completed with the renovation of the raised promenade over the Levante Dock, which will be linked to the promenade that is generated in the concession space, just in front of where the new fish market is located, which will consist of a building with a floor area of 1,800 m2 and an esplanade of 7,200 m2 for the fish market's own uses.

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